Tomorrow will come and go! Just like yesterday and today




I hate that it is Monday again!! And I’m sitting on this computer doing what I was doing over and over on Friday and what I’m going to do tomorrow and the rest of the week !!

I tried to come up with new things but it ends up with the same feeling.. Bla bla bla ..talking to my self. ( boring life I hate it)

I give myself the time to think about things must be done for me every day. But the time I get home,, I cant do any thing coz I’m so tired and sleepy! headaches and tired eyes using computer all day! that’s why I stay away from computer weekend!!!

Uhh why? I do miss out all things I could be doing! I miss my self I miss some friends, I miss school : (!!! I hate working, but I love my paycheck 😀 OH YEAH!!! that makes sense 2 me :p

I hate that we are made to work a certain amount of hours in day/week/month/year .. Ya rabee !! 😦

El mohm I hate working betool aw bel 3ard.. I HATE WORKING!!! 3anjad I fell like I’m wasting so much time, a7la ayam shababe while I work!!!

Life doesn’t work like that, life isn’t fair !!> .. If I don’t work, I cant live!


10 comments on “Tomorrow will come and go! Just like yesterday and today

  1. aha great 1 sweetie .. yea thats life ! thats routine !

    but u know may u change simple things make ur life differance . bdek t7awle t’3ayre el ruotine . e3mle she nfsek t3mle o ma 3melte abel , change ur cutting hair or style ! , maybe if u change ur disktop backgroud u will be happy ! she kter bse6 o ymkn yfed 🙂

  2. Good morning Jumana 🙂 ….

    MM, yaa that’s life Routine… but try to live ur life without working you will get boring i think..
    el Work 7ayaaaaat ,,, even if it long time !!!
    8 huors/day !!
    bas ma3aaki 7a2 , lamma ymdoo el ayyam heeek kolo nfs ba3ad w nfsek te3maliii shy .. mtly sareliiii fatra mush katbeh wala 2adra a5ales rewayeh
    ma f time !!!!!! 😦
    hope to do some thing diffferent 🙂 ….

    Have a nice day 🙂

  3. You should work at what you love, and then it won’t seem like work. 😉 You do not love what you do? I’m thinking….no. LOL

  4. batetee *-* 😦 lesa mo mn zaman aset sha3re :< 3aml 7alak mo 3arfffff 😀
    INCHALLAH SOOON r7 a3m she ma 3mlto mn abel :p

    vagueraz *-* mazbot 7ata mn `3er she`3el mo 3ajbna”shu hal 7ayat hae”..
    No No NO lazm trj3i tktbe mtl abl.. inchalla b2ralek she soon 😉


    Marvin *-* No bl3ks, i love what im doing, bs its slow time anyway!! so that was my feeling 😦
    well i have u in my list coz i like to read ur posts 😉 walaw akmn marvin 3na;)
    bs tanks 3l comment 🙂


  5. i have the same feeling some times
    >>>>> or all the time:)

    but when i think that i will stay at home and do nothing ………………. thanks god for work
    but we need some times abig rest

    to look after our self and change life Routineand

    salam wthanx lazeyaratek ely 🙂

  6. Life has never been fair – but thats life!
    Inshallah things will change for the best

    What you need is a holiday to clear you mind.

  7. الكل بيعاني من نفس الشي الي قاعد في البيت مش عاجبته القعده واللي بيشتغل مش عاجبه
    الروتين يا صاحبتي حاولي تروحي على مكان على فكره انت بأي ولايه ؟

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