Im back :)


 On Tuesday, I was really sick , I couldn’t breathe I had felt like pain was in all over my body. I felt like I wont be able to do anything. I felt nauseous and light headed and the worst part was getting an absolutely sudden sleepiness afterward, so I went to the ER. and after seven hours waiting for the doctor , he said im still young and healthy and there is no need for any antibiotic !!! Its just a virus and I have to drink al lot of Gatorade and chicken soup!! ( OMG.. I am dieing and he’s tilling me drink Gatorade!!.. I guess this doctor was tired that day and he give up in my case) 😀he give me some medication and Gatorade to drink, after that I closed my eyes, and I went back to sleep for another 4 hours, then I went to my home around 6 am with same feeling..( I don’t know what the heck is wrong with these doctors) im tired of dealing with them. no one want to give me a shot or something make me feel better, oh my god, when I use to go to my doctor in Jordan he use to give me a shot and 10 min later weee no more pain. 😀

 The next day I drink a lot of soup and Gatorade, but non of that made sense to me, Yesterday I visit the doctor he said that I have since infection , and finally he gave me antibiotic !! and he was surprised that how the ER doctor didn’t give me any thing 😦 that’s bad ..

I’m going to be taking it easy this week and trying to avoid sick folks as the last thing I need is to get sick on top of everything else!


 the most important thing :

 I took 4 days off from work 😉

 Rami my lovely brother & friend was with me in the hospital all the time .Thank u ramrom 😉


And I drink more than 10  32 OZ GATORADE BOTTLES 😀 ( orange, lemonade, lemon lime, mango) 😛








13 comments on “Im back :)

  1. ohh 7yatee jumana .. salmet albek .. i wish u r doing fine now … 😀
    what a strange Dr u’ve met !! lool ..
    yea here in jordan whoever sneeze they give him an antibiotic 🙂 e7na agwa noo3 lool

  2. Happy and nice to see your words JeJe 🙂
    Ma 3la 2lbik shar ya rabi
    w msh darrori tesma3i minhom ,khodi panadol w khalas

    bs zaki el juice bs bil winter :S , it make you go thousands of times to the bathroom XD
    jad nice to have ppl u love around you all the time
    Allah ye7makom ya rab

    Take care of your self my dear 🙂
    wallah miss you too 🙂

    hala2 ana bdi a7sid 7ali ! lol ,, w a7ki mn zaman ma emredet 😀

  3. my doctor in Jordan he use to give me a shot and 10 min later weee no more pain

    That made lol – same in Tunisia before. For any pain they will just needle you.

    Welcome back

  4. whisper
    Heyyy guysssssssss, now im feeling much better 🙂
    Thanks so much for the commentsssss 😉

  5. Dear Jumana,

    I just read ur blog as I was swamped at work. Your welcome; I didn’t do anything. I was just helping my good friend, my younger sister.
    I am glad to see that u’re doing better. Elhamdillah ala elsalemeh.

  6. سلامتك جمانه بصراحه الدكاتره هون في امريكا بخوفوا اكثر من عنا عن جد انا بفضل اقعد في البيت ابكي من الوجع ولا اروح على طبيب معدومين من الانسانيه كل شي تجاره على العموم سلامتك حبيتي وان شاء الله ما تشوفي شر ولا تحتاجي طبيب في حياتك والله يخليلك اخوكي

  7. ramiiiii ur lateeee :p msh`3ol bel 7baybbbbbbb i know iknow :D, tank u 3azezeeeeeeeee tankssssss.

    Sozan/ alah esalm 3mrek tslameeeee 🙂
    shaefeh 😦 bs shu n3ml bdna nt7amal

  8. Jumana, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the za3traar mana2eesh post…i am glad you liked it..have you been to my cooking blog? just click on my name and it will take you there…thanks a lot of your visits always and have a great weekend.

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