To All My Friends -_-

2-my-frndFriend is light bright enough to conquer the darkness of a broken heart, bringing sunshine to the soul, making the whole word seem bright and hopeful.

Friend is love , a special blessing from above, bringing warmth to a heart grown cold, making life a grand and exciting adventure.

Friend is a laughter a gift of  joy, leaving behind a smile and erasing all traces of woe, making every thing seem shiny and new.


I’m writing this to till you that I’m wishing all of you a happy valentine’s day:)

Eenjoy your day the way you like! 🙂


9 comments on “To All My Friends -_-

  1. oooh that’s 3njad so cute jojo .. happy valentine’s day .. nshala next year bekon btektobe 2oset 3esh2ek 😛 mmwa 3njad enek betjanene o bet2adre ele be2adrek o ma btense she mmwa thanx ya a7la Jojo ❤ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ❤

  2. Dear Jumana ,
    Happy Valentine Day .. although I don’t make a big deal with it
    but i really wanna tell you , that these words so meaningful , full of warm feelings that express little stuff about ppl who make us live for the other day
    put the joy and love and make every thing more bright all around ..”FRIENDS”

    And am happy coz I know u , coz see during the previous years I didn’t use to know many of be loved ppl like you dear 🙂

  3. Dear Jumana,

    True friendship is a rare coin nowadays. It is said that we need a minute to find a distinctive person, an hour to appreciate that person, a day to love that person, and a lifetime to forget that person. But, can we forget that person?
    May all your days be filled with love and joy and valentines ya 3h7a Jumana.


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