My HeRo …

Finished cutting my hair heyyyyyy “” na3eman jumanitoooo ” 😉 , it is short a bit .looks like the photo that i added to this site 🙂 i like ittttttttttttttt .
Got my car heading home. The weather was very cold 🙂 i start talking 2 myself, “I dont want to go home now!!!! 😦 i wanna go for  kazdorah bel syarah as usual, while im driving my car i start singing .. ( My voice sound like reallllllyy baaaad 😛 )  
would you dance if I asked you to dance? 
would you run and never look back
would you cry if you saw me crying
would you save my soul tonight?
i can be you hero baby
i can kiss away the pain 
i will stand by you forever
you can take my breath away .. nA Na nA
“would you swear that you’ll always be mine?” would u 😦
 would you lie would you run away
 am I in to deep?
 have I lost my mind? 
 i don’t care you’re here tonight 

i just want to hold you 😦
am I in too deep?
have I lost my mind?
well I don’t care you’re heeeeeeeere tonight

                      yo can take my breath  away 
i can be your heroOoOoOoOoOo Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .. 😦
        i stopped on the side of the road ” there is a walgreens here ” 😀 and opened my laptop and I come up with this  heheh  >>> stupido stupido meeeeeeeee 😀 😀

12 comments on “My HeRo …

  1. sweetie bde ad7ak o abke be nafs el wa2et 🙂

    eza 7kena enek stupid 😀 mmkn akon 3m bzlemek l2no ente 3m te3mele hek la t’3a6e be she b2albek mawjod 😛

  2. Ok….don’t lose ur morning job…don’t think u should sing….:) but the hero is a lucky one!!

    p.s. Like the hair…

  3. 🙂 Moeeee heek awlak 😉
    (Maioushty) enti eli `7alitene 7eb bloggin, Tank u habibi 🙂
    (Rami) what hero man, hae `3neeh b7eba bs ma fe hero yet 😛 , 🙂
    (Subeur) inchallah i will Tanks 3l comment 😉

  4. 🙂
    wallah Na3eeman
    yaai kteer nice new hair cut
    since 3 years ago didn’t cut but atraaaf sha3ri 😀

    its really tall now , but I like it this way 😉

    elbsi 6a2eeh mnshaan ma temradi 🙂

    I love this song!
    Wish one day I can find the real meaning in the real world for it
    not only my thoughts and mind 😉

  5. sorry again for the typo :-/
    really ma ahbalni :S

    el key board ma feo shee ,,shaklni ana ely darabit ,lazim roo7 naam hala2 🙂
    bokra fee nta2ij tawjihi ,kteer ba7ib el jaw be heek youm 🙂

  6. (whisper) allah en3m 3alekeee tslameee, yea kter mtl el sora same color kaman 😀
    kelek zoooooooooo2 🙂

    (eNAS) YA habebteeeeeeeeeee lesa mtzakre lek 3adiii,, ana knt amz777;) BTSEER MA3E ANA KAMAN 😀 ma askaki

    yea o ana kaman.. youm nta2j el tawjehe nas besero eto`7o mn el fara7 o nas btser tshed sha3rha 😀

    allah la eday3 t3b 7ad 😦 shinno la 2nno> 7ram

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