Serious Relationship!?

Sometimes making a commitment to anything can be tough.” Relationships”…

 Relationships can be complicated and making that commitment may seem scary. The difficulty level on committing to a serious relationship depends on you. If you want to commit to a serious relationship, but r not sure how?!


Answer these questions 




Decide what you want?

Do you want to be in a serious relationship with this person?

Do you like this person and enjoy the time spent together?


Many people have a fear of commitment because of what they believe they will be missing if they make the serious commitment.

Figure out your fears. It could be fear of loss of freedom or space or time. It could be fear of being with one person for the rest of your life.  

Let go of the past. 😦 All of us have been hurt and all of us are afraid to make the same mistakes. But, hanging on to the past only prevents future happiness. Remember > you can not change the past, only the future. Delete your old personal profiles 😀 accept you are in a serious relationship and do not allow others to think otherwise!!


Put effort into the relationship. This is the part that gets most people. They don’t want to work at the relationship that seems to be too much work. Well, if you want love in your life, you are going to work hard to face it!



Have Fun!! 😉



4 comments on “Serious Relationship!?

  1. I agree with you, we mustn’t concentrate on the ex- experiences, but I feel the right thing to say about this is to focus on the present, the events in it, not the future, the future will be the result of what we have done in the recent time.

    making a commitment to a relationship is like signing a contract to establish a facility.

    we must know who really is our partners, the goals, the assets and the most important thing which holds everything ealse in it “Love”


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